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About Me!

Let's start with how excited I am to be teaching this year! This is my thirdyear of teaching and I still love it! I was born and raised in South Bossier and I actually attended Elm Grove Middle School! I went to LSU-Shreveport and I graduated in December of 2014 with my degree in secondary education social studies. I'm very excited to have a great year teaching World History. We are going to have an amazing year!   

Hunter Gatherer Clothing--Made by students
Hunter-gatherer Rap--Student made

Rachel Smith

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Miss Smith's Favorites!

Favorite color: PURPLE

Favorite sport: Hockey

Favorite flower: Who doesn't love ALL flowers?!

Favorite beverage: Strawberry Lemonade

Favorite scents: Anything fruity (Japanese Cherry Blossom gives me migraines)

Favorite Holiday: Does my birthday (November 24th) count??

Favorite T.V. show: Criminal Minds

Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing or Pocahontas

Favorite treat: Cupcakes/cake or gummy candies like sour patch kids or gummy lifesavers, sweet tarts

Monogram: RSE (Rachel Elizabeth Smith)

Favorite Store: Target or Amazon

Favorite Restaurants: Walk Ons, El Portrillo, or Ichiban

Favorite Snack Food: Zapps VooDoo Chips, Almonds, Chicken n a biscuit crackers

Favorite Fast Food: Chick Fil A, Panda Express, or Zaxby's


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